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Jaens Spa has the best traditional balinese massage in ubud bali recommended by triadvisor with cheap price, great treatments, clean room with air conditioner, and friendly staff with high standard of Balinese hospitality

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There are a number of treatment packages that we offer at Jaensspa.
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Founder of Jaens Spa

Gusti Jayeng Saputra

They call me Jaens, from north Bali, I was born on December 1st 1988 and I am married and have five childrens, two sons and three daughters. My big dream to have my own Spa started in 2009, when I was 21 years old with a self employed mobile Spa from door to door. Up till know I have two branches in Ubud. In 2014 I was the first winner of the young entrepeneurs competition in Bali with 318 competitors. My intention is to guarantee the quality and also the sense of connection to all of our lovely customers.



Gusti Jayeng Saputra


Jaens Spa Blog It is a blog managed by the Jaens Spa team, and the writing is posted based on experience, and the real story that happened. This blog contains various knowledge, information, and tips related to spa, health, and the world of beauty. In this blog, the team also inserted several blogs related to the environment, culture, and customs around Ubud and Bali.

  • Some Beauty Tips
  • Some Beauty Tips that You Need to Know

    Beauty is the greatest gift from the God that all women have. Every woman is beautiful in the eyes of men. In addition, beauty not only comes from your face, but it is also seen from the entire body parts. Being beautiful is easy, but keeping your beauty is a difficult thing. Therefore, you can read the following beauty tips to keep you beautiful every day.

  • Healthy Tips: How to keep your body healthy?
  • Healthy Tips: How to keep your body healthy?

    Keeping your body healthy is not an option, but it is an obligation. However, not all of the people even care about their health so they are easily attacked by some dangerous and deadly diseases. Actually, keeping our body healthy is not difficult as long as you know the right way. Therefore, you can consider some of the following tips on how to keep your body healthy.

  • How to get Holistic Health Spas for your Body?
  • How to get Holistic Health Spas for your Body?

    When you feel sick, you can go to a doctor. However, not all diseases should use medical help. Excessive drugs can even harm your body. Therefore, a spa can be the best alternative to get body treatment naturally. In addition, the spa can also be a prevention action to make your body always healthy and fit. How to get holistic body health using spa method?

  • bali spa guide: tips on choosing spa service in bali
  • Bali Spa Guide: Tips on Choosing Spa Service in Bali

    When you visit Bali, you must not be surprised if you find many spa along the streets. Bali is a tourist destination with the best spa in the world. No wonder if one of the Hollywood movies entitled Eat Pray Love also took the Spa setting in Bali. If you want to get spa during your holiday in Bali, you should consider the following tips to get the best spa in Bali.

Our Teams

We are a friendly and friendly group of individuals who are very passionate about helping you feel comfortable, relaxed and fit

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Below are some of our client testimonials.

  • Best spa in Ubud I came here twice during my stay in Ubud. Once for a massage and once for a hair treatment with Yuni. Both were fantastic but the hair treatment went beyond my expectations. I felt very pampered and my hair felt great after the treatment. Would definitely recommend yuni and this spa.

    883megb Omaha

    883megb Omaha

  • Fantastic 2 hours Called in this place to get a massage and body scrub one afternoon but they were booked out, so made an appointment for the next morning. On returning next morning l was greeted and asked to take a seat. I was then brought a cool drink, and cool towel which was nice. Was asked to fill out a simple form with a few questions. I was then showed to a basin where a lovely lady introduced her self as Yuni, and washed my feet, l picked the oil for my massage, then was taken into another room for my treatment. It was set out lovely, with nice music playing, and aircon on. I had a fantastic massage, body scrub, flower bath, and shower, all for $37 Aus. After l returned to reception l was given another drink and something to eat. Yuni was very lovely, checking with everything all the way through. I highly recommend this place and would love to return one day.



  • Great massage! I was looking for something close to Yoga Barn, then I found this place in TripAdvisor with great review. Went to their website to make booking, it’s very easy! Arriving at the spa, I was greeted with big smile from the staff. Ibu Eni, the owner, was also there and taking her time to chat with me. She and her staff made me feel relax while enjoying cold towel and welcome drink before I started my treatment. They asked me to fill some questionnaire about my preference on the massage room temperature and pressure level for the massage and they delivered it! They made sure I feel comfortable and relax before the session started. What a service! I opted for 1hr traditional Balinese massage and Mini, my therapist who was very polite and friendly, put me to sleep right away as her technique and pressure was on point! I regretted myself for not booking more than one hour! Will definitely come back to Jaens Spa and try their newer branch.



  • Best spa I have ever been to. Last year I came across the spa by chance and just assumed that all the massage parlours in Bali are fantastic. This year I used the spa at the anantara ( 5 star resort) and I was so disappointed that I travelled back to ubud from canngu for the day just to come to Jaens! It is hands down unbeatable in quality service and price. The facility has had an upgrade and all of the girls are as lovely as ever ... Mini gave me an amazing full body massage and scrub, Pasty did my facial and hair treatment, I walked away feeling like I was floating ... I honestly cannot recommend this place and all the lovely staff here more. Many thanks

    "Miss Shahpar"